Youth Leadership



From October  2015 Elections


Youth Leaders:                                                          Adult Mentors


SPL:  Dakota Sipe                                            Scoutmaster: Mr. Steve Trembly

ASPL: Bradley Sinclair & Jaeden Tedsen
Scribe:  C.J. Martin                                           Adult Scribe:: Mrs. Dawna Quick
Librarian: Luke Haunreiter                                   Adult Librarian: Mr. David Sibley
Historian: Chris Trembly                                     Adult Historian:
Chaplain Aid: Kevin Shumaker                            Adult Chaplain: Mr. David Sibley
Quartermaster: Aiden Schoening                         Adult Quartermaster: Mr Keith Lawson
Webmaster: Logan Robertson                              Adult Webmaster: Mr. Jon Niehaus
Troop Bugler:                                                     Adult Bugle Mentor:
Patrol leaders: as noted below                             Patrol Advisors: As noted below
Troop Guides: To be assigned                             Troop Guide Mentor:

Please make note:
*The boys are encouraged to communicate regularly with their Scoutmaster and other adult leadership as needed to fulfill their leadership responsibilities.

*Each of the boys’ positions has an adult mentor.

*The boys are encouraged to go to their mentor for assistance as they find they need it.

*Boys in common leadership positions (ex. Patrol leaders, Quartermasters) are encouraged to work together for support and ideas for fulfilling their leadership roles in the troop.

Please remember:
*No one works in a vacuum.
*If you need any help at any time please find someone and ask.
*Youth leadership (PLC members) and adult leadership (Scoutmasters and Committee members) are here to help.


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