*Quartermasters are encouraged to work closely with the Youth Quartermaster and each other to help maintain patrol boxes and other troop gear.

*Please ensure your boxes are clearly numbered and all contents are clearly numbered to match the box.

Please use this list to find each other:

Adults Patrol
QM = Ric Bishop Box # 1 (Red White Blue)    Mr. Allan Mattson

Scorpion Patrol Box # 6 (Black Scorpion)   Mr. Steve Trembly &
PL =   Ryan McQuown
APL= Nick Trembley
QM = Ryan Shepherd

Duct Tape Box # 7 (Squirrel) Mr. David Sibley &
PL = Derek Henderson
APL = Brian Chan
QM = Cody Sibley

Philmont Ninjas Box # 8 (Silver Buffalo) Mr. Jim Davidson & Mr. Richard Lang
PL = Byeloth Hermanson
APL = Jeff Kreiter
QM = Brandon Honrath

Silver Backed Gorillas Box # 9 (Raccoon)     ? and Mr. Ric Bishop
PL = Randy Quick
APL = Jason Williams
QM = Julian Donovan

Trail to First Class: No Box assigned Mr. Gerry Henderson
Boys are to use their own patrol boxes for their TTFC needs.

Spare Patrol Boxes – Are stored under the stage until needed.
Spare Box Box # 2 (White) Not Assigned
Spare Box Box # 3 (Alien) Not Assigned
Spare Box Box # 4 (Plain Green) Not Assigned
Spare Box Box # 5 (Red Hawks)   Not Assigned

Spare Equipment
Spare box equipment is stored in a bin on the stage.
Please see the Youth QM and Adult QM to gain access.


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