Troop History

Troop 359 History & Charter Organization

Troop 359 has been chartered by the Boy Scouts of America to Elim Lutheran Church, Hockinson, WA, since 1969.

History of Scoutmasters:

1969-Frank Janulewicz
1971-William Chase
1972-Layton Wallace
1976-Vern White Sr.
1978-Art Baxter
1987-Jim Sherman
1995-Ken Kirkman
1999-Rob Tracey
2002- Vince Vierck
2005- Erik Mattson
2008- Mike Fletcher
2010-Jon Niehaus
2013- Steve Trembly
2018- Bruce Haunreiter

Troop 359 Code of Conduct

1. Scouts will adhere to the Boy Scout Oath at all times (Found in the Boy Scout Handbook)

2. Scouts will wear uniforms to all scout meetings and activities as required.

3. Scouts will bring their handbook, notebook and pencil/pen to every meeting.

4. Meetings will start and end on time. Scouts will arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting. Meetings will begin at 7PM and end at 8:30 PM. Scouts will be picked up on time at all functions.

5. Scouts will treat the meeting place or campsite with the respect it deserves.

6. No climbing the hill behind the church.

7. Stay in designated areas (stay away from “Off Limits” areas, such as the Sunday School rooms, etc).

8. Scouts will stay at the meetings until dismissed.

9. No ringing the Church bell.

10. Keep campsites as clean and unspoiled as possible. “Leave No Trace” camping will be practiced.

11. Scouts will show respect for a person speaking at all times.

12. Scouts will talk only when it is their turn.

13. Scouts will not have side activities going on during the meetings.

14. No banging chairs, roughhousing or other distracting activities.

15. Before the start of the meeting, Scouts will place all drinks and food in the kitchen. If time allows during the meeting, Scouts may go to the kitchen to get a drink, but at no time will food and drink be allowed in the meeting room.

16. No electronics are allowed at meeting or on activities. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, MP3 players, Game Boys or any other electronic hand held device whose primary purpose is entertainment. These devices will be confiscated when found by an adult and returned at the end of the event to the parent or guardian of the Scout involved. Cameras are permitted if they are a stand-alone device and not integrated into a cell phone or other communication/game device. If a Scout MUST carry a cell phone to satisfy a parental requirement it is to be turned OFF and is to remain so for the duration of the event or meeting.

We encourage scouts to attend all meetings. We understand that homework and other activities may preclude this. However, if a Scout holds a position of responsibility, he must attend 75% of the meetings in order to qualify his position for rank advancement. Also, in order to attend summer camp, boys must have attended at least 50% of the meetings.


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