Scoutmaster’s Blog

When the scoutmaster has something to say.  You’ll likely hear about it at a troop meeting on Monday nights.  however, should he wake up in the middle of the night and feel inspiration, he can jot down his thoughts for the troop right here for posterity.

May 20, 2012, – Jonathen and I just returned from a great hike and over-nighter with the Silverback Gorilla Patrol at Battle Ground Lake State Park. It was a lot of fun and I needed the refresher run for next month’s hike and camp-out at Siouxon. Thanks to the Silverbacks and Mr. Bishop for inviting us! It was a nice little 2 mile hike around the lake to the camp site on Saturday and then a hike in the other direction back to the parking lot on Sunday. I had not seen the camp sites at the park before and was happy that they were such nice sites. The weather co-operated nicely with only a light sprinkle to speed us on our way Sunday.

Thanks guys!!   Mr. N.


Feb., 2012 – Although the Snow Cave outing did not go as planned we still had a good time. It was unfortunate that the weather was not more cooperative at Timberline Lodge but with near white out conditions and wind blowing frozen sleet horizontally it was decided in the interest of safety to abort the overnight portion. We spent about 4 or 5 hours at Government Camp having fun in the snow sledding and digging in the snow. We did make a few caves and linked them all together. Hopefully next time conditions will be a bit more favorable :).


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