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Siouxon Creek Hike and Camp

Just a reminder to all that are going that you will need to bring at least the following:

  • Water and water bottle,
  • tent and groundcloth,
  • backpack, NOT a duffel bag
  • sleeping bag and pad,
  • personal stove (backpacking kind) if you have one,
  • mess kit and eating utensils,
  • flashlight/headlamp,
  • appropriate clothes and raingear
  • sturdy footwear
  • granola bars or other energy/health snacks
  • ten essentials with first aid kit

Do NOT bring:

  • Open toe footwear
  • soda pop of any variety
  • junk food.

Remember that we are hiking in and hiking out and will be hiking in between. Be sure to have spare socks and moleskin in case of blisters.

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