Calling All Life Scouts

30 Oct

Attention all Life scouts and parents of life scouts.

I was speaking with Ron Shake (district Eagle chair) this evening (Thursday) and he mentioned that the paperwork for Eagle projects is being up dated as of January 1, 2012. The new paperwork is substantially different. Any projects that are submitted to district after that date will need to be on the new forms and obey all the new regulations.

I will forward out the new forms as soon as I get a copy.

If you are working on a project and can submit the paperwork to district before January 1, I would do so.

Remember, to get a project into District, you must get a project approved by a beneficiary. Then present to the troop committee. After it is approved there, then you can get all the necessary signatures and turn it in to district.

We have two committee meetings left this year. November 9 and December 7.

As we are not having a regular troop meeting this Monday evening, if there is anyone wishing to meet with Sue or myself at that time, please feel free to call. Call early to book your meeting.

Allan Mattson

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