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Calling All Life Scouts

Attention all Life scouts and parents of life scouts.

I was speaking with Ron Shake (district Eagle chair) this evening (Thursday) and he mentioned that the paperwork for Eagle projects is being up dated as of January 1, 2012. The new paperwork is substantially different. Any projects that are submitted to district after that date will need to be on the new forms and obey all the new regulations.

I will forward out the new forms as soon as I get a copy.

If you are working on a project and can submit the paperwork to district before January 1, I would do so.

Remember, to get a project into District, you must get a project approved by a beneficiary. Then present to the troop committee. After it is approved there, then you can get all the necessary signatures and turn it in to district.

We have two committee meetings left this year. November 9 and December 7.

As we are not having a regular troop meeting this Monday evening, if there is anyone wishing to meet with Sue or myself at that time, please feel free to call. Call early to book your meeting.

Allan Mattson

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Den Chief Training

For any scouts who wish to become a den chief, but are not yet trained.

If you wish your service as a Den Chief to count toward rank, you must be trained! This is your chance

Please RSVP.

Thank You,

Allan Mattson

Hey 359 & 475!

The date has been set for Den Chief Training. It will; be Dec. 10, at Elim Church from 9am to approximately 1pm.
Things the Scouts will need to bring are a current Den Chief’s handbook, notebook and pen/pencil, lunch and enthusiasm.
We will cover Cub Scout Flag Etiquette which is a little different from Boy Scout, opening and closing for Cubs and we will have an actual den meeting with a craft to do and some other surprises.
We will have a certificate to award the Scouts upon completion of this training so names of who will be attending would be appreciated if possible.
Leaders are welcome to come and observe if they wish so they can get an idea of what is expected of a Den Chief.

Rick Gifft

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Veterans Day Flag Raising

Greetings all,

On veterans day 11-11-11 we will be raising the flag at the Hockinson fire station at 7:00 AM (gather at 6:30 to practice) and lowering it at 4:30 PM.

If you can attend either event, please email me back so this can be properly planed.

Thank You,

Allan Mattson

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Veterans Day Parade

Saturday November 5, The troop will take part in the annual Veterans day parade. This is the shorter route that the parade followed last year. ( about 1.5 miles). We will meet to car pool into Vancouver at the Hockinson Middle School parking lot, by 9:15 AM on November 5. We are place # 28 in the parade this year. If you are intending on Joining us, Please email me back by this Sunday evening.

Thank you,
Allan Mattson

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Christmas Present Opportunity at Next Adventure

Troop 359 Parents,

Camping and hiking gear are excellent presents for Christmas or birthdays for your Scout.  Here are several opportunities to purchase gear at considerable savings!

1.     Troop 359 Scout Night at Next Adventure on November 10th – join your fellow Troop 359 scouts as we take over Next Adventure in Portland. Scouts (and parents) should arrive at 6:50 pm, just before the store closes. Once the store closes we will have a 45 to 60 minute clinic on camping and hiking gear followed by an opportunity to shop the store and receive a 15% savings on anything purchased that evening.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the proper gear while saving money.  Don’t forget to bring your Christmas lists!

Location:  Next Adventure – 426 SE Grand Ave; Portland, OR; 503-233-0706

Date:            Thursday, November 10

Time:            Arrive at store no later than 6:50 pm

2.     Anytime Online Savings at Next Adventure – purchase gear at Next Adventures website ( and receive a 10% savings anytime.  Simply enter code “nascouts” at checkout and receive your discount.

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